Please feel free to contact the Lafayette Brigade recruiting team.  Their email link is located in the lower right hand corder of  the main web page. A member of the team
will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Proud Heritage of Service
     From the first days of the history of our nation up to the present, citizen soldiers have been making it their mission to serve the people of the State of Virginia. Our country was founded on the principal of service to our fellow citizens. That spirit is alive and well today in the selfless  service of  hundreds of men and women who volunteer their time, skills and diverse talents  to serve their fellow Virginians as members of the Virginia Defense Force.

    The VADF takes volunteers from age 16 (with parent/guardian written consent) through age 64. Many volunteers have prior military service, however, this is not a requirement to join. Volunteers are required to purchase their own uniforms, equipment, and supply their own transportation as required for monthly drills. 

The Mission of the Virginia Defense Force
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