VDF  Basic Communication's Badge Study Material:    
Lafayette BDE personnel, please contact the S6 shop if you have any questions concerning these materials. This course is intended for VDF personnel only.

*** Requirements for Advanced Communications Badge
Module 1: Basic Communication -  PDF files
 -Basic Skills for a Communicator 
-Basic Skills for a Commuicator Module 
Module 2:  HF/VHF & NVIS Communication - PDF files
-HF-VHF Systems
-HF Communications
-VHF Communications
-NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Skywave)
Recommended 72-Hour Load List
Lafayette Brigade's MCP - Current  equipment layout
PM/MCP Pre-Deployment Checklist - Lafayette Bde  -Revision 24 SEPT 2007 -   
VaDF Division Signal Operating Instruction 24-1 , updated 1-2008  - Contact your BDE/BN  S6  for this information 
Phonetic Alphabet / Phonetic Numerals
USMC Radio Operator's Handbook (MCRP 3-40.3B)    - Enable "Bookmarks" option in Acrobat Reader
USMC Antenna Handbook  (MCRP 3-40.36)
Introduction to HF Radio by WO1 B. Buck  - (VADF Div.)

Allied Communications Publication Communicatin Instructions Radiotelephone Procedures (ACP 125(F)
HF-ALE - Multi-Service Tactics, and Procedures for the HF Auto Link Estab. Radios (FM 6-02.74/MCRP 3-40.3E)
               -HF ALE (High Frequency-Automatic Link Establishment Radios) 
              -CCEB Unclassified ACPs Page 
Broadband and Frequency Agile Folded Dipole Antenna (Barker & Williamson)
Diamond V2000A Tri-band Base Antenna Assembly Instructions   
HF Training Course, Lesson 02 - HF Antennas -
Datron TW 7000 HF Transceiver Operating Manual  - Contact your BDE/BN S6 for this information 
YAESU - Model  FT-7800R Dual Band FM Transceiver Operating Manual
Micom 2E link to MOBAT - Instruction Manual  
NVIS 2007 North America HAM Band Clock 
NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Skywave) Antenna - by WO1 Buck (VaDF Div.) 
HF Propagation Primer - by Geoffrey Noles  (flash movie)  
World Time Zone Map 
U.S. Army Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS)   
              - Army Regulation 25-6     Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) and Amateur Radio Program
"Skip the "Skip Zone": We created it and we can eliminate it - by LTC David M. Fielder  
"Amateur Radio General Class License Study Guide" -  Earl N8KBR (ARRL)  
Amateur Radio RF Safety Calculator - University of Texas Amateur Radio Club -