Mission of the Virginia Defense Force

The Virginia Defense Force is an all-volunteer, formal military organization working specificall to assist local and
state public agencies throughout the Commonwealth whenever and wherever help is needed. Their mission is to assist the
Virginia National Guard  in performing state missions as specified by the Governor or, if needed be, to assume the
 total mission of the Guard should they not be available.

As the state's only military force, the Virginia Defense Force is independent of federal control, but it's so much more
than just a military organization. With units located throughout the state, the Virginia Defense Force can move into disaster
stricken areas quickly, as well as interact with and assist local authorities. Virginia Defense Force volunteers are oftentimes
familiar faces working in nearby towns and cities bringing aid and comfort to friends and neighbors.


Training is available in many areas and many different levels. You can gain knowledge in such areas as traffic control, communications, family assistance, security, urban evacuation, and armory takeover and disaster response to name a few. All new Defense Force members will receive basic orientation training and an individual appraisal of your skills.

Members are required to attend one drill (training assembly) per month consisting of six hours dedicated to additional training opportunities. Additionally, two Multi Unit Training Assemblies (MUTA) are held during weekends in the spring and fall of each year. The spring MUTA is held at Camp Pendleton, in Virginia Beach and a fall MUTA held at Fort Pickett, in Blackstone.

Fort Pickett
Basic Communicator's Badge Cert. Class
Fort Pickett - 2005